Where are our products used?

MLG Instruments Schiedam can assist you with customer-specific, made-to-measure level gauges for liquids or gases such as steam, oil, petrol, diesel, propane (C3H8), methane (CH4), butane (C4H10) or for interfaces.
This lets you indirectly observe the liquid or gas visually in a closed vessel and gives you the optimum monitoring for your system, both mechanically and electronically.

Different sizes of Magnetic Level Gauges

Radar chambers can be used together with guided wave radar (GWR) and a vibrating fork switch.
The GWR can be fitted to the chamber using a flange or a wired connection. Level switches can be mounted on the side or top of the chamber.
Various types and dimensions can be delivered, depending on your needs.

Magnetic Level Gauge with Bridle VEGA (GWR) (radar chamber)

MLG Instruments Schiedam is also your partner for level measurement of particulate or powdered media such as salt, granulates, animal feed or flour.

We will be happy to think along with you and can offer a wide range of options to give you the proper support.

Different sizes of Magnetic Level Gauges
Mounted Magnetic level gauge