A range of certificates and certifications

Worldwide there are many different certificates and certification agencies which make it impractical to possess all. MLG Instruments Schiedam makes sure that the key certificates are delivered by our regular suppliers as part of the procurement process. This is always the case when semi-finished products such as tubes, flange fittings and so forth are bought from our regular supplier.

Product certificates for semi-finished products that are bought in or internal test certificates:

  • Materials test certificates according to EN 10204 3.1
  • Hydrotest certificates (including calibrated manometer certificates)
  • NACE certificates
  • Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)
  • Whatever the requirements are, we’ll make sure it’s possible

Complete certified products

Designing and building a car so that it is ready to roll does not mean you can take it out on the roads straight away: it has to be inspected by the road vehicle authorities first.

The same applies to all accessories that are used in plant systems. The type of application in which the products are to be installed is extremely important. Different and stricter requirements apply for steam boilers in heavy industry, than for accessories that are fitted to a simple, unpressurised water tank. To protect both people and the environment, all our products – both semi-finished and final – are first assessed technically by an external classification agency (a Notified Body or NoBo). If everything passes the technical evaluation, we get a type approval.

MLG Instruments Schiedam has the following certificates and our products are supplied in accordance with various norms:

  • ISO9001-2015 (international quality management)
  • DNV (Type approval Marine)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive, up to category IV – FV < 192 bar(g)
  • Bureau Veritas (design approval)
  • ATEX (design approval for environments with an explosion hazard, Europe)
  • IECEx (design approval for environments with an explosion hazard, worldwide)
Certifications MLG Instruments